GardCharge GC101PM
Smart USB Power Meter



GardCharge GC101PM
Smart USB Power Meter


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Android SDK Open Source

App Description


  • Measures Power, Voltage, and Current of the connected Test Device
  • Calculates Incremental Capacity in mAH
  • Displays Real-Time Power, Voltage, and Current with Meter or Graph Mode
  • Reads & displays Logged Measured Power Meter data in captured TXT file
  • Manual Records Measured Power Meter Log-Data to App
  • Stores & shares Logged Data in TXT (CSV) file format
  • Offline recording Measured Data without iPhone/iPad

Technical Specifications

Measurement Range

3.6V~21V(+/- 2%)
0A~3.5A(+/- 2%)

Internal Memory Data Logging Sampling Rage

1 Min. Sampling Interval for 2 Hour
12 Min. Sampling Interval for 24 Hour

App Manual Record Data Logging Sampling Rate

Per 1 sec. interval
Acquired Logged Data Stores within iOS Device with TXT format file
Exports out TXT file via e-mail
Count Down Timer Setting 00:01~23:59 (hr:min)
Over Current Limit Setting  0.1A~4A
Low Current Limit Setting 


Power Consumption 21V/0.21W (no load)

Meter Mode

iPhone X with wired and wireless charging at the same time?


iPhone X USB Cable Charging Test with GardCharge


Android Phone USB Cable Charging Test with GardCharge



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